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Picnic in the Vineyard


Stop in for a while and enjoy a freshly made picnic basket while enjoying the serenity of our vineyards.  When you arrive at the winery, you will be asked to fill out your order form specifying your selection of cheese (chosen from our four cheese selection) and your selection of meat (chosen from our two meat selection).  Each basket also includes a freshly baked demi-baguette, an assortment of antipasti, hummus and a homemade treat.  We also offer a vegetarian option (3 cheese selection, NO meat) and a gluten free option.   While your basket is being prepared (usually takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes), you can choose a wine to pair with your basket.  The choice is up to you...purchase a glass to sip or select a bottle to share.  Once your basket is prepared,  enjoy the scenery at our picnic tables surrounded by our vineyard or ask for one of our blankets and trek into the heart of the vineyard. 

Picnic in the Vineyard

Regular and Vegetarian Basket:  $16.95 per person (price does not include taxes or wine)

Gluten Free Basket:  $18.95 per person (price does not include taxes or wine)

Reservations are not required but are appreciated.

For more information or to reserve your picnic, contact us at or 905-988-9463, ext. 2.