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Environmental Sustainability

Our long history of farming has taught us that it is vital for us to protect the earth that sustains us. If the delicate balance of the environment is not respected, our ability to grow quality wine grapes is jeopardized but if we work with the environment we will be blessed with quality grapes required to produce excellent wines.

The Vineyards

We are continually experimenting with growing techniques that will reduce our dependency on chemicals. By properly managing our leaf canopy and balancing fruit production we are able to maximize the effect of the wind and the sun to naturally fight diseases that may be developing within our vineyards. Through the use of proper soil management we are able to disrupt the home and life-cycle of many undesirable pests thereby reducing the negative effects on the quality of our grapes. And by keeping our vines healthy they naturally become more resistant to pests and diseases.

In addition, we regularly monitor the disease and pest cycles in our vineyards throughout the growing season. By doing this, we are able to perfectly time any applications to the exact time when they are the most effective. We use as many alternative applications as possible respecting our need to have beneficial organisms living within our vineyard to help us control undesirable pests. And through the use of pheromone traps we are able to naturally disrupt the mating patterns of many devastating vineyard pests that negatively affect grape quality without becoming dependent on chemicals.

The Winery

This same focus on sustainability and respect also applies to Cattail Creek Estate Winery. Every decision made at the winery is done with consideration to our environmental impact. When purchasing any equipment for the winery, its effect on the environment is analyzed with choices directed towards reduced water and electricity usage. Whenever possible we use pressure and heat to clean thereby reducing water usage. We also recirculate water as much as possible during the cleaning process. And by implementing strict winemaking policies towards reducing water usage, reducing electricity usage and recycling whenever possible Cattail Creek continually works towards minimizing our impact on the environment.

Protecting the Natural Habitat of Cattail Creek

Backing onto Cattail Creek also means that we have an additional responsibility to protect the natural fish habitat that runs through our vineyards. Cattail Creek Estate Winery is committed to have zero-impact on this sensitive waterway and we achieve this by collecting all the rainwater that falls onto Cattail Creek Estate Winery and collecting it into underground holding tanks. This water is then used to wash floors, flush toilets and as firefighting water. We also maintain buffer zones along the banks of this creek to reduce erosion and promote a natural habitat. We are very fortunate to see ducks swimming in the creek, birds nesting in the buffer zones and muskrats scurrying along. It is a wonderful home for wildlife and we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature so close to us.