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About Cattail Creek

When our grandfather planted his first vines, a love of farming spanning three generations took root. Today, those vines, combined with that passion, have grown into Cattail Creek Estate Winery. Our collection of vineyards in Niagara on the Lake produces grapes of the highest quality for our hand crafted wines.

Opa Epp in the vineyardThe history of Cattail Creek Estate Winery goes back to 1956 when Opa Epp had saved up enough money to follow his dream and purchase a small farm in Niagara on the Lake. A true farmer at heart, he saw the potential for grape vines in Niagara on the Lake and planted his small, ten acre farm with grape vines. Every day he worked his farm selling the grapes to the local grocery store. Over time, he was able to plant even more grapes and sold them to the local winery.

His daughter, Renate, loved playing in the vineyards and quickly fell in love with farming. So it was just natural that after she married Ken Dyck they purchased their first farm in 1971. Planted entirely with peaches, they quickly replaced the trees with grape vines following Opa’s footsteps and selling the grapes to the small local wine industry starting to emerge in the Niagara Region. In 1976, they became one of the first farmers to plant Riesling grape vines. While many nay-sayers believed that Riesling vines would not be able to survive the harsh Canadian climate, they found success and today Cattail Creek Estate Winery has some of the oldest Riesling vines in Ontario.

Over the years, they have seen many wonderful changes in the Niagara wine industry as vineyards transitioned from Native North American grape varieties through to French Hybrids to what we have today, an industry focused on producing top-quality wines using classic European grape varieties. They were a part of the industry when VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) was created – a benchmark that promoted using entirely Ontario-grown grapes to produce internationally award winning wines. Throughout the years of hard work, dedication and passion, they grew the family vineyard to 160 acres, always focusing on wine grapes to create what we have today – a vineyard respected for producing top-quality grapes.

In 2006, the family dream became a reality with the creation of Cattail Creek Estate Winery. At Cattail Creek, we produce wines that reflect the unique terroir, or growing environment, of our vineyards. We are committed to growing the best grapes and making wines that reflect the unique growing conditions of Niagara on the Lake. Each bottle of wine made at Cattail Creek is filled with family passion, three generations of history and hand-crafted uniqueness.

In our short history as winemakers, our wines have garnered some exciting honours. In fact, Cattail Creek was one of the first wineries to win Best Limited Edition Sweet Wine at the highly acclaimed Cuvée Wine Awards for our Barrel Fermented Vidal Icewine 2006. The following year, we returned to the Cuvée Wine Awards, this time having our Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2007 win Best Limited Edition White Wine in Ontario. And our Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2007 won Red Wine of the Year at the Ontario Wine Awards. We are proud to have won such significant awards for each category of wine that we make. It shows that our dedication to excellence in both the vineyards and in wine making is truly making great wines